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Pitt Football Recruiting: Dropping Like Flies

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Is Paul Chryst's 2012 class starting to crack? (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Is Paul Chryst's 2012 class starting to crack? (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Okay, so 'dropping like flies' might be a bit much, but after the recruiting class looked to be holding steady, Pitt is now starting to lose a few players.

Last week, it was Dakota Conwell. Earlier today, it was Corey Jones and now ... Brandyn Cook.

The class is hardly in shambles, but three recruits in less than a week? That's a bit disturbing. Still, not time to panic.

Conwell always seemed like a soft verbal to begin with, but after it appeared he wasn't heading to Penn State, it seemed he as coming to Pitt.

On the surface, the Jones loss is the one that may hurt the most. He was a four-star recruit and his stock was rising. I was really surprised to see him commit to Toledo since he reportedly had offers from Penn State, West Virginia, and Cincinnati, among others. Pitt's receiving corps is a bit light and Jones would have made a nice addition.

But Cook's loss to Miami (OH) is the most significant in my opinion. Pitt's offensive line was legendarily horrific at times this season and Pitt needs to stockpile quality depth there. The good news is that there's Adam Bisnowaty and Tom Ricketts to help shore things up. Still, Cook's loss is one that could hurt a bit.

Losing two guys that could have helped the team to MAC schools is beyond bizarre.

Chryst wasn't known as a dynamic personality, but I find it hard to believe that he's scaring kids off this early in the game. The big thing here is, obviously, that Rushel Shell and Chad Voytik remain committed the program. If National Signing Day rolls around and faxes come through with their signatures, consider Pitt's 2012 class a wild success.