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Big East bowl predictions: Pitt still projected for Pinstripe Bowl by ESPN

Mark Konezny-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Even despite an ugly loss to Syracuse (and despite it being only a one-point loss, make no mistake - it was ugly), ESPN's Andrea Adelson still has confidence in the Panthers to get to six wins:

New Era Pinstripe, Dec. 29 -- Pitt vs. Big 12. I think the Panthers can win four more games, but it's going to be tight.

Tight? Yeah, that's an understatement. Pitt has the talent to get to six wins, but the question is 'will they use it?'

But about those six wins, I think Pitt can actually beat any team still on its schedule with maybe the exception of Notre Dame. But, with games against three ranked teams still to go in the Irish, Louisville, and Rutgers, Pitt is really going to have to work to get to a bowl.

You've got to feel pretty good against Buffalo and also a home game against Temple. But after that it gets dicey. South Florida and UConn aren't very good, but they're both road games. Sweeping both isn't impossible, but given what we've seen this year, it's far from a guarantee.

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