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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt Link Dump / "New York, New York" (Frank Sinatra)

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

New York, New York - Frank Sinatra (via vebatelli)

In honor of Pitt playing its second New York school this week in Buffalo, this week's music video is "New York, New York," by a past-his-prime-but-still-better-than-anyone-else Frank Sinatra. Pitt and Big East links from last week that we didn't get to are after the jump:

Pitt's offensive line starters are playing nearly every snap so far

Jamie Dixon played Jackie Moon at Midnight Madness

Todd Thomas talked about his ACL injury from last season

J.J. Moore makes Jeff Borzello's college basketball dream team

Associate AD E.J. Borghetti had a great look at Beano Cook this week

Pat Bostick also reflected on Beano

AtlanticCoastConvos looked at ACC football non-conference schedules (including Pitt)

Pitt basketball is hoping to rebound this year

CBS Sports says Pitt will be back in the NCAAs this year

Jamie Dixon spoke with The Fan last week

Athlon says Todd Graham had one of the best (Rice) and worst (Pitt) first seasons in college football history

J.J. Moore says Pitt wants to run more this season

Yahoo wonders if Pitt or Syracuse can win the Big East in their final season

Devin Street, Aaron Donald, and Jason Hendricks made an All Big-East team last week

Tino Sunseri and Devin Street are climbing the Pitt record books

Pitt basketball had another special event for some season ticket holders

CBS Sports also notes Todd Thomas' big play and says Ray Graham could find a spot on the bench

The women's soccer team ended their season with a win last week

The Big East's undefeated teams are climbing the polls

Navy isn't joining the Big East right now

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