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Pitt target Robert Foster still undecided

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One of the biggest recruiting targets still on Pitt's radar for 2013 is wide receiver Robert Foster. About a month ago, Foster declared a final three of Pitt, Alabama, and Ohio State.

Foster recently visited Bama, tweeted like crazy about it, and appeared close to a decision. But today, the talented wideout says he's taking his official visits before making a decision. What's all this mean? It means Foster's still a kid and is taking his time to make a decision. Could he be leaning towards Alabama? Beats me. He might not even know himself.

But one thing's for sure - if he doesn't end up in a Panther uni, it'll be a blow. I don't subscribe to the theory that Pitt needs to get all of the top talent in the area - you need to get top players, period ... it doesn't really matter to me where they're from. But what they do need to do is remain a player for such talent to help legitimize themselves to the other big time kids that come out of Western Pennsylvania. Pitt hasn't been a big winner on the field lately, but has still found a way to compete for some of the best players in an area fairly rich with talent. The more Pitt is in the news for players like Foster, the more that others will take a look around and take them more seriously. Oh yeah, and winning wouldn't hurt, either.

All of that said, Paul needs to go out and get this kid. With two top quarterbacks in Chad Voytik and the committed Tra'Von Chapman, a big target like Foster would look great in this offense.

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