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Pitt vs. Hawaii at Hilo: Panthers play second exhibition of season tonight

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

In case you've been engrossed in Notre Dame this week, Pitt basketball has their second and final exhibition game tonight against Hawaii at Hilo.

If you're hoping to hear or see anything about the game, you're out of luck unless you're local and have Comcast - the game will be broadcast on the Panthers' TV channel. If you're a FIOS person, the good news is that I'll again be at the game in the media area and will be checking in pretty regularly via our site's Twitter account. If you're not already following us @PittPantherBlog, now's a great time as I'll be updating throughout the night.

In addition, I'll have a halftime update here and game recap as well. There may also be a brief pregame report if I get down to the arena early enough. Either way, be sure to check back with this Storystream for updates.

As far as for what to look for in the game ... seriously, it's Hawaii at Hilo. If anyone outside of the state of Hawaii says they know anything about this team they're probably lying. One thing of note - their tallest player is a 6'7" sophomore. I won't panic if Steven Adams doesn't have a strong game, but if he gets plenty of playing time and doesn't dominate, it will be at the very least mildly interesting.

Wondering where this game came from? Their head coach, Jeff Law, has some ties to Pitt. He is the son of former Pitt assistant Norm Law, who served on Paul Evans' staff. Jeff and Jamie Dixon also served as assistant coaches at Hawaii (albeit several years apart).

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