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Devin Street, Ray Graham, and Lafayette Pitts charged with simple assault

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Three Pitt players will face a court date in January after assault and conspiracy charges were filed today.


Charges were filed tonight against Pitt running back Ray Graham, wide receiver Devin Street, and defensive back Lafayette Pitts. Liz Navratil of the Post-Gazette broke the story, stating that while the incident occurred early on October 21(the night after the Buffalo game), charges were not filed until today and there was not an arrest.

The incident occurred at the corner of Bates and Oakland Ave. in South Oakland. According to the criminal complaint, the victim claimed that he was surrounded by the three players, called a racial slur, and the struck in the head by Street. The victim did not press charges at the time and did not receive any medical attention.

While the charges were filed tonight, one has to wonder if Paul Chryst and the staff were already aware of the situation. The conversation in the Twittersphere seems to indicate that Chryst has no plans to suspend any of the accused players for this weekend's game at Notre Dame, although that could change.

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