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Pitt vs. Hawaii-Hilo: Panthers up big at halftime over Vulcans, 39-21

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Last week Pitt looked a little sluggish in their first exhibition game. So far tonight, that's not the case. The Panthers raced out to a 27-4 lead and headed into halftime up, 39-21. The Vulcans actually went on a bit of a run at the end of the half to pull closer.

The story on both sides is defense - Pitt's ratcheted up their intensity and Hawaii-Hilo hasn't been able to stop the Panthers' offense. Add it all up and you get an ugly result.

We'll have more after the game, but one noteworthy point is that Steven Adams is scoreless. He's 0-1 from the field with three rebounds and a block. Still not getting a lot of opportunities (though, truth be told, he is facing some double-teams out there).

On the flipside, James Robinson got another start and looks great for a true freshman. He has six points, two assists, two rebounds, and a steal so far in 12 minutes of action. When he started the last game, I had my doubts about if he would when the regular season rolled around, but it's looking like it'd be a surprise if he didn't.

Talib Zanna leads Pitt in points (seven) and rebounds (four) so far.

We'll have more after the game.

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