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T.J. Clemmings not fully sold on Paul Chryst coming back in 2013

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

In the news about T.J. Clemmings' move to defensive end, this little nugget was a bit buried - the former defensive end isn't positive that head coach Paul Chryst is coming back:

When asked if he's convinced Chryst will be on campus when spring drills begin, Clemmings just smiled.

"I hope so," Clemmings said. "I don't know what the man is going to do. I can't say, but I hope he's around."

Now look, I believe that Chryst will be back. But do you know the funny thing about it? Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez has actually been far more outspoken about Chryst returning to Pitt. I've not been looking, but I've not seen/heard one clip of Chryst even still saying he's not leaving Pitt or that he's not interested in the Badgers' job. What's that mean?

Like I said, I have little doubt Chryst is coming back. This whole thing would blow up in Alvarez' faceEven if he had an interest in the job, Alvarez has already come out and said he's not a candidate. Really, though, what I think this means is that Chryst is uber-sensitive about getting slammed for ever leaving any job for another one. He's afraid to go the route that would get him crucified later on and he may just not be the 'hard-denial' guy that is the type that can end all speculation.

That's fine, but if his name is linked to future jobs, the angst will always be at a high level until those positions are filled.

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