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Jamie Dixon not surprised by Malcolm Gilbert transfer


When Malcolm Gilbert decided he was transferring, the reason given was that he wanted to play alongside his brother Marcus, currently at Fairfield. That fact wasn't only confirmed by head coach Jamie Dixon, but he also said it wasn't the first he'd heard of it:

"Malcolm, before he ever got here, that was something that we talked about with his dad: playing with his brother was something he always wanted to do. It was always in the back of their minds," said Dixon, who planned to redshirt Malcolm Gilbert this season. "I think it will work out for him. He‘ll get an opportunity to play next year.

That really does little to ease my frustration at Pitt losing another frontcourt player to transfer following the departure of Khem Birch last season, but I'm glad the transfer doesn't appear to be one of not getting along with the coach.

Do I think playing time had anything to do with it? Maybe. Gilbert may have realized that with Adams possibly sticking around for another season (or even longer as he's stated he plans on doing) that playing time could be slim. Gilbert probably wants to play a bit more and while redshirting this season may have been okay with him, I think it's fair to wonder if future playing time may have factored in a little bit.

Although I'm not thrilled with the move, obviously I hope things work out for him in the future.