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Paul Chryst to Wisconsin? Hopefully no

Should Pitt fans be worried about a potential Paul Chryst to Wisconsin move?


If there was one job that I would be afraid of Paul Chryst leaving Pitt for, it would be the head coach position at Wisconsin. So, naturally, the news that Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema is leaving Wisconsin for Arkansas has me afraid. Very, very afraid.

And we as Pitt fans have every right to be. After everything this program has been through for the past few years, this would fit right in. A head coach that preaches what Pitt football stands for leaving for greener pastures. But unlike last season with Todd Graham, I wouldn't be upset with Chryst for doing so. Wisconsin is home for Chryst - he grew up in Madison, went to college there, and recently was the offensive coordinator for the Badgers for 6 years. I would be a little disappointed if Paul Chryst left, but I can at least understand why he was leaving.

Of course, it's not a guarantee that he's going to get up and go after one season as head coach. Remember, Paul Chryst was a longtime assistant, waiting to get his chance at a head coaching gig before Pitt gave him the job. You would have to think, or rather hope, that Chryst would remain loyal to Pitt for giving him his first head coaching opportunity. Following that logic, if you were to pick anytime for the Wisconsin job to open, it would be after Paul Chryst's first year because ideally, Chryst wouldn't bolt for Madison after Year 1.

Regardless, we have every right to be on edge for a while now. I know Chryst is an honest man, but I never thought Todd Graham would leave after one year and I was wrong about that. I'm sorry to say this, but I'm not believing a word out of Paul Chryst's mouth regarding the Wisconsin opening until that position is filled, either by him or someone else. You can thank Graham for that one.