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If Paul Chryst leaves for Wisconsin, he should do it the 'right way'

With the speculation about Paul Chryst potentially becoming Wisconsin's next head football coach, there's (understandably, by the way) a lot of angst among Pitt fans. That's to be expected after a somewhat unexpected Dave Wannstedt firing, the Michael Haywood debacle, and the Todd Graham fiasco. But if Chryst manages to land the Badgers' job, he shouldn't be vilified.

As long as he does it the right way.

Over the past two years, Pitt fans have had enough to deal with. If Chryst becomes Wisconsin's next coach after lying through his teeth and insisting he'll stay, he will (and should) be roundly criticized. But if he offers the obligatory 'no comment' and dances his way around the questions that are sure to follow, I've got no problem with him leaving.

Pitt fans won't like this, but it's part of the business. Coaches come and go and to try to bully Chryst into staying when he has the chance to coach at not only his alma mater, but also the place where he played and coached as an assistant, wouldn't be fair. Chryst shouldn't be accountable for the faults of previous administrations and coaches, like anyone else, have the right to make what he thinks is the best decision for them.

The Panthers' situation is a bit different, obviously. If Chryst happens to leave, there would be constant instability for two years running now. But while it's nice to think he would make some extreme pledge of loyalty to Pitt because of the past coaching miscues, he's not obligated to do so.

I'm not in favor of Chryst leaving. I think he has the program headed in the right direction and has the makings of a good coach. But if he leaves and doesn't spit in the face of the university to do so, I won't wish him any ill will.

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