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If Paul Chryst leaves for Wisconsin, list of options will surely be different

No, to my knowledge, Pitt's Paul Chryst hasn't left the Panthers program for Wisconsin yet. And there's no guarantee that he will, either. In fact, most people are leaning towards him staying from what I've digested in reading online and listening to the radio shows.

But ... if he does, we all know what's next for Pitt - another coaching search. Trust me, I hate this as much as you do. And if you think this is going to become a post of potential candidates, you're wrong. But with such a search potentially occurring, I think it's interesting to note that the usual names popping up over Pitt's first two searches likely won't be there this time around.

Here are some of the names that surfaced from those last two searches:

Todd Graham: Pitt didn't land Graham after Dave Wannstedt initially, but did get him the second time around after Mike Haywood (who I won't even bring up) happened. Yeah, we know how that turned out ... moving along.

Paul Chryst: Paul Chryst was also someone mentioned each time. Again, obviously he's out this time around.

Mario Cristobal: Cristobal could be in play obviously. But he was just let go from his job at FIU despite being one of the hottest coaching candidates just a year ago. FIU was a flat out disaster in 2012, going 3-9, so he's not the hot prospect he was in 2011. That's just fine with me since I never thought he was a good fit for Pitt.

Tom Bradley: Bradley was a hot candidate the first time around, but by last year, Penn State was dealing with the massive scandal and he simply didn't make much sense. Personally, if he became a candidate I'm not sure it'd be the worst thing in the world. Things have come out and he doesn't appear to be linked to the situation that closely. But I'm not sure Pitt wants anything to do with it and, not only that, but Bradley is appearing as a candidate for the Temple job.

Teryl Austin: The one name that may come up is Teryl Austin. Austin played at Pitt, but after serving as Florida's defensive coordinator for a year, he's now the secondary coach for the Baltimore Ravens. Not only has he been away from the college game for a couple of years now, the timing would be terrible with the Ravens expected to be in the NFL playoffs. Plus, there's also the fact that Austin wasn't the choice after Wannstedt, after Haywood, or even after Graham. If he hasn't gotten the job by now, it's possible Pitt just isn't all that interested.

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