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The Story That Refuses To Die: Pitt Countersued Michael Haywood

It's the Big East - we love lawsuits here.

The Pitt News is reporting that Pitt filed a countersuit against Haywood back in October for breach of contract by publicly releasing terms of his contract, which broke the confidentiality clause in the agreement. Haywood's attorney released these terms to the public, but the clause extends beyond being fired by the University. Haywood initially sued Pitt back in September for nearly $4 million for damages and other legal fees.

We've been over this before and here's my opinion on this. While Pitt should have followed up with Haywood to see what the situation was, it's clear that they couldn't wait around to see. The media nightmare would have been unbearable and because college football is a different animal with the whole recruiting factor. Even though the charges were later dropped, it likely would still have been an uphill battle trying to secure recruits for a coach that was charged with domestic abuse.

Regardless of being charged or not, getting arrested for anything is never good for anyone in a very public position such as a Division I college football coach. And hey, the players didn't like him to begin with, so it was a win for them as well.

It goes without saying, but this just needs to die.