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Pitt Football Spring Practice: Trey Anderson Falling Behind

Will Trey Anderson see the field again for Pitt? (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Will Trey Anderson see the field again for Pitt? (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

With the change of head coaches, Pitt's offense shifted dramatically. The Panthers are back to a pro style offense and that means, of course, some players brought in under the Todd Graham system aren't going to be great fits.

That might not ring any truer than for someone like quarterback Trey Anderson - and it's starting to show in spring drills, apparently.

Paul Zeise noted in his blog on Friday that Anderson is significantly behind the two main quarterbacks this spring - Tino Sunseri and Mark Myers.

That isn't a huge surprise. Anderson not only was specifically brought in for Graham's system, but he was never highly touted as well. Anderson wasn't someone who had a ton of skills and as I wrote when it was known he was coming to Pitt, he had no offers of note and was even probably headed to junior college. He was a late addition, coming in over the summer, and I'm guessing it was because Graham didn't exactly like what he saw out of Sunseri and wanted some insurance.

But Anderson played last year...

Well, yeah - I guess. But only because the quarterback position was such a mess. I don't know that it was as much about Anderson looking great in practice as it was about the disappointing play of Sunseri. Anderson played to the delight of many, but showed very little when actually getting into the games.

It will depend on what Anderson wants to do when it comes to a decision on sticking around or not. If he just wants to play in a BCS program, he may have few options. I'm not sure Graham would take another chance on him out in Arizona State, but I guess it's a possibility. But if Anderson really wants to play, the chances of that happening at Pitt probably aren't all that great. As I pointed out recently with E.J. Banks moving to the position, there may not be much opportunity to move up. And even though Chad Voytik is an unknown, it's going to be hard to imagine Anderson passing both he and Mark Myers up (along with any other major recruit Chryst brings in for 2013).

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