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2012 NCAA Football BCS Championship Odds

One set of odds are out for this year's BCS champion. Pitt, of course, is a monumental long shot, but are one of only three Big East teams with odds at all.

Pitt comes in at 125:1 favorites - that's good for 34th among all I-A teams. In other words, the equivalent of Pitt getting a handful of votes in the top 25 polls.

As Big East Coast Bias notes, the Big East is represented, but not by the favorites. Louisville and Rutgers, two of the conference favorites, aren't given odds. Pitt is slotted in second in the Big East behind Cincinnati (100:1), but is ahead of South Florida (200:1). USC is the odds on favorite to win it all at 4:1.

Irrelevant? Heck yeah. Still, I always find these types of pre-, pre-, preseason predictions a bit fun.

For the full listing, head over to Big East Coast Bias.

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