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Ashton Gibbs Works Out With Phoenix Suns

More Ashton Gibbs (Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE)
More Ashton Gibbs (Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE)

Hearing about more tryouts for Ashton Gibbs and if nothing else comes from it, he should be familiar with almost every major airport in the country at this rate. Last night I mentioned his tryout with the Indiana Pacers and you can add the Phoenix Suns to a list of teams he's recently tried out for.

Gibbs reportedly tried out for the Suns and so far, the other ones I've seen include the Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Clippers.

Not only that, but the workout he attended recently held by the Nets included scouts from all 30 teams, so Gibbs should have actually been seen by a rep from every team.

The key theme so far is that Gibbs has worked out for mostly contending teams. Five of the seven teams he worked out for were playoff teams and a few are/were title contenders. He wouldn't think twice about taking a roster spot with any team if it meant him playing in the NBA, but playing for a contending team could be an even better opportunity.

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