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Samsung Favorite Highlight Campaign: Tyler Palko Crushes Boston College Defender

Palko trucks BC defender (via garvej)

I could have picked any number of recent Pitt highlights for my favorite: Rod Rutherford's touchdown in the final game against Penn State, Darrelle Revis' sick punt return, or any number of Larry Fitzgerald or Lesean McCoy highlight-reel plays.

But when it comes right down to it, I had to go with Tyler Palko's famous play of running over a Boston College defender.

It wasn't a game decider or anything like that, but it was pretty indicative of the way he played. Ask Pitt fans about Palko and you'll get 100 different answers. He wasn't the best quarterback Pitt's ever had, but the reason he was popular is because he flat out made plays. Those were, of course, sprinkled with interceptions, but for people like me, I remember the good more than the bad with him.

Chime in with your favorite play in the poll or the comments.

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