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Will Sam Young Return To Philadelphia 76ers?

Sam Young is becoming a free agent this summer (Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE)
Sam Young is becoming a free agent this summer (Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE)

Yesterday, I mentioned that Aaron Gray was becoming a free agent this summer. He's not the only former Pitt player in that situation, though, as Sam Young will become one as well.

Young's really been an enigma. After getting off to a good start in his NBA career, he fell out of favor with the Memphis Grizzlies this season. He was then dealt to the Philadelphia 76ers, but after getting a bit of playing time in a few games, saw his minutes shrink as well. He was a complete non-factor in the Sixers' playoff run.

The 76ers could try to lock up Young, but they also might try to shed some of their youth (which was a factor in the playoffs) as well. If he doesn't return, where could he go?

One team I'm seeing him linked to is the Los Angeles Lakers.

This site mentions he could be a mid-level exemption target for the Lakers, who could use a bit more youth. Only thing is, that L.A. has Matt Barnes and Devin Ebanks, both of whom saw time this season, in the same type of role Young would fill. Both players are better options as well.

Another reason Young could be a target of the Lakers is because they're constantly being linked to a potential trade for Andre Iguodala in a deal for Pau Gasol. If you've followed the Lakers at all this season, you know the chances are good that Gasol is traded. Young could be signed and then included in some sort of a package for Gasol.

Hoops World also notes that another team that should take a look at Young is the Golden State Warriors:

In free agency the Warriors should look for an athletic three who can play some defense and a veteran point guard with their exceptions. Leandro Barbosa would be a nice fit, though he is more of a two than a one. Jonny Flynn or Randy Foye could be solid choices to back up Curry. There aren’t a lot of options at the three, but Sam Young is a player the Warriors should take a look at and see how much he would cost.

Even though Young has had some issues in Memphis and couldn't get off the bench late for Philly, he's still young enough where he should get another shot.

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