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Rutgers, Louisville, And South Florida Big East BCS Favorites

Is Rutgers the <em>real</em> Big East favorite? (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Is Rutgers the real Big East favorite? (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A few sites are predicting who will be the Big East representative in the BCS. The favorites thus far are Rutgers, Louisville, and South Florida.

CBS Sports, College Football News, and the National Football Post all tab Rutgers as the favorite to be the Big East rep in the Orange Bowl. Phil Steele says it's South Florida and the Orlando Sentinel goes with Louisville.

That's a bit of a surprise since we've been smothered with Louisville hype all offseason. But while those picks go against what we've heard with many predicting the Cardinals to win the conference, those are the three teams I've picked as those that can win the conference, along with Pitt.

I think the race is really wide open between those four, but I don't see Cincinnati, Syracuse, Connecticut, or Temple with much of a chance. I could see the Bearcats or Huskies making a bit of noise, but when it comes to winning the conference, I think it's going down to those first four teams.

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