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Hail To Links! The "I'll Take Potpourri For $100, Alex" Edition

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Yesterday, the biggest news of the day came out of the Pac-12 Media Days when their "Ask A Coach" social media campaign was hijacked by Pitt fans and anti-Todd Graham enthusiasts alike. So what does that mean? Well, it means that it was mostly a slow news day...and apparently Arizona State fans are growing a strong dislike for Pitt fans. So with that being said, our links are all over the place today. We will cover what Jamie Dixon expects from the incoming class, who is protecting Tim Tebow this season, the top story lines coming out of the ACC Kickoff and more...after the jump.

The "Freshman Fifteen." Jamie Dixon expects the incoming freshman class to put up significant minutes this season.

Forget Top 10 lists, let's go with Top 5. CBS Sports takes a look at the Top 5 story lines to come out of the ACC Kickoff this week.

"A few baseball cards, a sack of marbles, [cough] Petey [/cough]" Topps is re-releasing baseball cards from its archives, including one of Pitt basketball announcer Dick Groat.

The most popular guy in town is always the backup QB. But who will it be? Trey Anderson, Mark Myers, or Chad Voytik?

Todd Graham, the next HGTV Design Star? Because nothing says "High Octane" like wastefully spending money on redesigning your office to include hardwood floors.

Protecting Tim Tebow. The New York Jets have traded a handful of draft picks to the Carolina Panthers for former Pitt offensive lineman Jeff Otah.

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