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Hail To Links! Everything We Could Find On The Pitt Bomb Threatener


News broke Wednesday that a federal grand jury has handed down indictments against a Scotsman residing in Dublin, Ireland, and two Ohio men. The Ohio men were responsible for the fake "Anonymous" video, while the Scotsman appears to be responsible for many, if not all, of the email threats made towards the university.

Details after the jump.

Remember all of the bomb threats? Probably not because there was a ridiculous number of them. So here is a detailed spreadsheet on all of them.

Need more info for this list? Check out the Post-Gazette, as they gathered all bomb threat related news articles.

You can also find both parts of the federal grand jury indictment here and here. These documents contain the content of each threat and who the threats were sent to.

So who is this Scotsman? Well his name is Adam Stuart Busby, he is the most well known and a founding member of the Scottish National Liberation Army (SNLA). The primary goal of the SNLA was for Scotland to gain independence from the United Kingdom.

Never heard of the Adam Busby or the SNLA? Here is the entire story of the SNLA, written by David Leslie. Key Chapters in the book: Chapter Two (Chronology of Key Events), Chapter Five (Adam Busby - The SNLA Ideology).

Here are a few things that Busby and the SNLA are (or claim to be) responsible for:

1983: Sent letter bombs to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana.
2002: Mailing packages containing dangerous chemicals to Scottish politicians.
2006: Emailed threats that the group would poison the water supply of England.
2007: Investigated in relation to a train derailment on the Anglo-Scottish rail lines.
2010: Emailed threats to an airline at Heathrow that there were bombs on two flights to New York.

Busby fled Scotland for Dublin following the 1983 letter bomb campaign. Busby tried to join forces with the Irish Republican Army (IRA), but the IRA refused.

Busby was jailed on two separate occasions. The first was in 1997 for the 1983 letter bomb campaign, he received two years in prison. He was not charged in 1997 for having other incendiary devices addressed to future British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He was again imprisoned in 2010 for the email threats directed at Heathrow airport, this time for four years. He would only serve two of those four due to his age and health.

Busby's son, Adam Busby Jr., was sentenced to six years in prison in 2009 for sending threatening letters and shotgun cartridges to several politicians.

There is still no apparent connection between Busby, the SNLA, or the University of Pittsburgh. Stay tuned for further details.

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