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Recapping Pitt's Heisman History

Tony Dorsett is Pitt's only Heisman winner (Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE)
Tony Dorsett is Pitt's only Heisman winner (Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE)

Through the course of history, Pitt has had 'only' one Heisman trophy winner in Tony Dorsett. More teams than not haven't had one, though, so that's still a nice accomplishment.

But even with several schools with more than one winner, Pitt still ranks high on the all-time list of Heisman career points according to a recent look at it by CBS Sports. The website scored colleges based on their own scoring system - ten points for a first-place finish, nine for a second-place finish, and so on, all the way down to one point for a tenth-place finish.

Using its system, Pitt ranked 12th all-time with a total of 88 points. Topping the list and way out in front was Notre Dame with 277.

Besides Dorsett's win, other standouts who received top ten finishes were Larry Fitzgerald, Marshall Goldberg, Mike Ditka, Hugh Green, Dan Marino, Bill Fralic, Matt Cavanaugh, Craig Heyward, and Edgar Jones. Rivals has a good list of the voting breakdown each year.

With the exception of Fitzgerald, the rest of those players were from teams of 25 or more years ago. With Pitt's recent struggles, it's easy to forget that the past has been so rich with outstanding players. But things like the Heisman tally and all of the Hall of Fame inductions that Pitt has one of the best traditions in all of football.

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