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Robert Foster says he's not switching from Alabama to Pitt

When Robert Foster committed to Alabama a few weeks ago, the hope was that he'd reconsider and maybe even change his mind and come to Pitt. That could still happen, but Foster says his decision is final, according to the Tribune-Review:

"There‘s a lot of people that say I‘m going to decommit, but I‘m real comfortable with my relationship with Alabama and coach (Nick) Saban, and I want to make a name for myself," Foster said.

"I‘m 100 percent sure I‘m going to be going to the University of Alabama."

Things could still change, but that '100%' thing doesn't give me a lot of confidence.

The Panthers' best shot at getting Foster was perhaps a Nick Saban departure to the NFL - more specifically, the Cleveland Browns. Foster said he would stick with Alabama even if Saban bolted, but you had to believe the chances he'd switch to Pitt under those circumstances would be higher. But after the Browns hired Rob Chudzinski, that closed the door to one of the possible destinations for Saban.

Pitt was able to lessen the blow of not getting Foster a bit by picking up Tyler Boyd. But let's be serious - Pitt would be better off if they had both. And while Boyd is certainly more than a consolation prize, Foster could turn out to be the better player - particularly since he's the higher rated one. Even if he doesn't, wouldn't you rather have both, anyway?

Regardless, though - it doesn't sound as if he'll be coming to Pitt.

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