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Pitt has plenty of competition for 2014 shooting guard Khadeen Carrington

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So last month, I mentioned that Pitt basketball head coach Jamie Dixon was going to see 2014 shooting guard recruit Khadeen Carrington play. His mother confirmed recently that Pitt will have plenty of competition for his services.

Carrington played a game on Friday with representatives from UConn, Florida State, SMU, and St. John's in attendance according to that article. He didn't disappoint, either, as he racked up 31 points.

A scorer like that would look really nice in Pitt's backcourt. Frankly, that's one thing that Dixon's failed to bring in at Pitt. He's often sacrificed finding scoring guards instead opting for defenders. And sometimes when he's tried to get scorers, it simply hasn't worked out (i.e. the John Johnson fiasco). Ashton Gibbs is one exception, but even he had a disappointing year his senior season.

Carrington isn't anywhere near ready to make a decision, according to his mom in that ZagsBlog article:

“He’s going to focus on his season and coming to the end of this season he’s going to definitely start thinking about doing some unofficials and taking it from there.”

Not sure what Pitt's chances are at this point, but as he continues putting up big games, he'll draw more attention.

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