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Pitt's quarterback situation for the future under control

Pitt quarterback Chad Voytik
Pitt quarterback Chad Voytik

For the past three years, Pitt fans have complained about the team's quarterback situation. That continued this year, even despite a solid season by Tino Sunseri. But even Sunseri's strongest supporters have a hard time defending his ability to make big plays. While Sunseri kept Pitt in games, he often wasn't able to bring them back from behind to win.

But in 2013, the program will enter a new era at quarterback. Senior Tom Savage is looking like the early pick to take over under center, but the good news for Pitt is that the Panthers should be set at the position for years to come.

Assuming Chad Voytik sits out in 2013 behind Savage, he'll still have three years of eligibility left. The four-star quarterback came to Pitt with plenty of potential and he could easily be the quarterback of the future. Sure, there's Trey Anderson to contend as well. He's got some experience on Voytik, but for the sake of the discussion,

Then there's four-star quarterback Tra'Von Chapman. Chapman won't be ready in 2013 and he essentially acknowledged as much already. He's arrived on campus early, but I don't expect he's a serious threat to even contend for the backup job this fall. But make no mistake about it - he's a huge talent and should push Voytik down the road.

But it doesn't end there. In 2014, Pitt's already secured a commitment from Chandler Kincade, a three-star pickup and the No. 13 quarterback in the nation according to Scout. And if that weren't enough, Pitt also has its eye on Keller Chyrst, nephew of head coach Paul Chryst. Chryst is rated even higher - a four-star recruit and the No. 2 quarterback in the nation according to Scout.

Pitt could conceivably have its quarterback situation wrapped up through 2018 assuming any 2014 quarterback redshirts. Not only should they have a serviceable quarterback through that time, but if everyone signs and sticks around, they would have at least two of them to compete against each other through that entire time.

Chryst is a big question mark, obviously, and even despite the family ties, he'll have a lot of big fish after him that Pitt would need to beat out. USC and Stanford have reportedly already offered him and there will likely be many more that do so as well. But if Pitt could somehow find a way to land him, they'd be unbelievably stacked.

Frankly, expecting all four to end up with Pitt and stick around probably isn't realistic. Only one can play at a time barring a position change and highly-touted quarterbacks don't like riding the bench. But even if they don't get all of them, Pitt could still quite easily find their quarterback situation taken care of for the next six seasons.

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