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Pitt vs. Georgetown: Open Gamethread

Mitchell Layton

Pitt has a big one tonight as they're still looking for their first Big East win of the season. It won't be an easy test as the Panthers are facing Georgetown on the road. Unfortunately, the Hoyas are going to be playing with a bit of desperation, too, having lost their first conference game against Marquette.

The Panthers are surely the underdog in this one, but they were last year as well. Pitt has actually won the last two games on the road against Georgetown and has played pretty well there. Because of that, I at least like their chances to keep things close.

I won't go as far as many to say that this is a must-win for Pitt. The Big East season is just underway and the Panthers will have plenty of other chances to impress the NCAA selection committee. But it is about as big of a game as you can get this early in the year.

The game is on ESPNU, so follow along and watch on TV and join us here to comment live during the game.

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