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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt - Virginia Tech predictions

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's nearly game day and just as we didn't have a unanimous selection last week between our writers on the weekly game picks, we've got another week of indecisiveness. In fact, we're so unsure in our picks that it's actually an even split on who will win. Just covering our bases, people.

Below are our predictions for the game as well as records to date:

Anson (4-0): Virginia Tech

Bryan (4-0): Pitt

Jim (4-0): Virginia Tech

Mike (4-0): Virginia Tech

Pat (4-0): Pitt

Chris (3-1): Pitt

Who do you side with - the evil people who went with the Hokies or are you with Pitt on this one? Speaking only for myself here, it's a really tough call. Even those of us that picked Virginia Tech wouldn't be surprised to see the Panthers come out on top. Just as there are questions about how good Pitt is, I think you can say the same (maybe to a lesser degree) about Virginia Tech.

We'll see on Saturday.

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