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The Week Ahead: A look ahead to the Panthers' basketball games this week

Will we learn anything from the upcoming week in Pitt basketball?

Pitt coach Jamie Dixon may not know much more about his team after this week.
Pitt coach Jamie Dixon may not know much more about his team after this week.

Well, Pitt is 1-0 with a pretty easy victory this past Friday and now they move into the second week of the season. What can we expect? Well, I'm sure you have all seen the comments about Pitt's non-conference schedule, so as expected, we may still not know much after Sunday is finished.

Pitt will be at home during this week, so the Oakland Zoo can continue to ease themselves into mid-season form when the Panthers play host to Fresno State on Tuesday evening and Howard to cap off the week on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.. Both teams have a 1-0 record as of right now, but that does not mean a whole lot.

The Fresno State Bulldogs are coming off a thrilling OT victory and won that game on a buzzer beater half-court shot to down UC Irvine. The Bulldogs play in the Mountain West Conference, so that will be a step up in the quality of the conference for the Panthers. Fresno State will have better athletes and overall play so we will find out maybe a little bit more about this mystery of a team. Howard took down the Washington College Shoremen (hey - if nothing else we learned what Washington College calls their athletic teams today) 69-52 and play in the MEAC conference.

Let's be really honest with each other for a minute. Pitt should be 3-0 after Sunday evening is through. We may not know much about Pitt after these two games and if we don't, that's fine. If they struggle, then we may know more than we want to know, because that could mean they aren't very good. If nothing else, let's hope for two easy wins at home and maybe a little more about Jamie Dixon's rotation will look like as things progress.

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