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Paul Chryst dances ... is predictably bad

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

H/T to Justin @NFLGimpy for this, but apparently Paul Chryst was pretty happy after the Panthers' recent game against Notre Dame. So happy in fact that, well, this happened:

Paul Chryst locker room (via Kyle Daugherty)

Yeah, no, that was bad.

Hard to blame Chryst here, though. And look, if we're being honest, this is the kind of stuff that players love to see out of their coaches. They don't mind being yelled at when things aren't going right, but they want someone to jump right in and celebrate with them when things go right.

Still ...

The ironic thing is that Chryst is one of the more straight-laced guys you'll ever meet. It's just hard to see him deciding to bust out dance moves. Something tells me ol' Paul wasn't expecting his dance to be recorded.

In all seriousness, though, hats off to the head coach for the big win and after knocking off a ranked Notre Dame team, I mean, who are we to judge?

Yeah, I'm still judging.

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