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Cardiac Hill Guess the Score Contest ... It's Baaaack


Last year you might remember that we gave away some great Pitt football calendars as part of a contest we ran on the site here. We had two of them and ran a Guess the Score and Comment of the Game contest for a game last year.

The calendars were courtesy of Asgard Press and they've come through for us again. This year, we'll be again running a Guess the Score contest for Pitt's basketball game against North Carolina State.

Official rules will come out at a later time, but in the meantime, patronize the good folks who saw fit to donate these calendars as gifts. Not only can you buy one of these great calendars, but if you use this link with a special promo code, you'll get 10% off the regular price.

These calendars, if you didn't see them last year, feature detachable prints of old Pitt game programs that can be framed, etc. Real good stuff. Look for the official rules on the contest at some point in the near future.

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