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Could Pitt open with Florida State this upcoming season?

Rumors are circling that Pitt and Florida State could meet on Labor Day to kickoff the 2013 season.

Mike Ehrmann

It has been buzzing all over social media today that Florida State could be coming to Heinz Field week one of the 2013 season. Coley Harvey of the Orlando Sentinel was the first to report that possibility. Not only would the game be opening weekend, but on Labor Day night, which would be nationally televised by ABC.

OK, breathe. There is nothing in place just yet. Pitt would need to reschedule a game with Villanova, and Florida State would have to move their opener with Wofford. Those are very workable pieces, and those schools likely would not be upset, considering they are getting paid whenever the games are played. It should also be noted that other ACC members may be up for consideration for this game. Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech played on Labor Day this past season, and it has moved around over the years.

If this were to come into being, it obviously has its positives and negatives. Pitt would get the exposure of playing a national power at home with the world watching. This would be an excellent opportunity for the program as a whole to show the ACC what kind of player Pitt can be. Florida State would be shuffling in an inexperienced quarterback, and it may be the right time to play such an elite team. The down side would be that Pitt could lay an egg. The Panthers dropped tough openers in 2005 and 2010 to Notre Dame and Utah, respectively. Not to mention the Bowling Green and Youngstown State debacles. Pitt may be better suited to play Villanova and ease into the schedule. They would also have the possibility of getting Florida State in late November with colder weather.

It is still up in the air for the time being, and the conference schedule is not expected to be released for another few weeks. Pitt will have to see Florida State at some point, and the exposure could be huge for this program. The excitement of a solid recruiting class, and an experienced defense returning has things looking on the up side for a change. Paul Chryst is slowly building things up for the program, and a game like this could go a long way.

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