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NCAA Selection Sunday: Open Thread

After a long, hard season, the NCAA's Selection Sunday is finally here. Last year was but a blip on the radar for Pitt as they were left on the outside looking in. But with that behind us, we can all look forward to seeing where the Panthers will end up. The Panthers will be in - that much we know. But unfortunately, the 'where' part hasn't been figured out just yet.

In between some team getting hosed and outright jubilation by others, we'll learn Pitt's fate as that news will come out today. By most indications, Pitt is expected to land a No. 5 or No. 6 seed. But those projections from media outlets aren't always the most accurate. That said, a No. 4 or No. 7 seed would surprise me. A No. 7 is more unlikely than a No. 4, but both aren't all that realistic in my mind.

This thread will be open all day for you to leave your thoughts and comments. Where do you expect Pitt to end up? Who are the teams you don't want to face? How far do you see the Panthers going? I'll also be dropping projections in here as I see them and feel free to do the same.

We'll make the announcement here as soon as it's known and of course we'll be ready to analyze Pitt's first opponent and figure out all the ways the Panthers can lose. Should be fun.

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