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Despite shooting woes, James Robinson still impressing Jamie Dixon


The Trib had a piece on James Robinson earlier this week. The point guard has been impressing head coach Jamie Dixon.

That makes sense - Robinson plays good defense and runs the offense well. I wasn't aware of this, but he leads the Big East in assist/turnover ratio. For a freshman, Robinson's really having a solid year.

I was surprised by the glaring omission in the story, though. There was not a single mention of his woeful shooting, which has been, by the way, documented here. Now, I don't mind that Robinson is getting some good press - he deserves it as he's done plenty right this year. But to completely gloss over his terrible shooting lately is a big omission to say the least.

Robinson is shooting 19% from the field over the past ten games and only made more than one field goal in one of those contests. For the life of me, I can't believe his offense has gotten so much of a pass. I've seen few mentions of his struggles by the local media and while he's only a true freshman, Robinson is putting up some historically bad offensive numbers. He's down to 36% on the season, and for a starting point guard, that's pretty bad - even with the other contributions he's made.

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