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On campus stadium appears to be in the works for Pitt

Pitt is securing donors that will bring football back to Oakland.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

In a new development today, Pitt Chancellor Mark Nordenberg has reportedly been in serious talks with a few unnamed donors about potentially building an on-campus stadium. Yes, that is right - football may be returning to Oakland.

The location has yet to revealed, but rumors have always swirled around the Panther Hollow area. Another interesting idea is that the Cathedral of Learning may be relocated, stone by stone, to Panther Hollow so that the stadium can be built even closer to campus and the dorms for students. It is still unclear when and where the new stadium will be built, but it's certain that this move will surely excite Pitt fans - particularly the ones that have always complained about the long bus trip to Heinz Field.

You would have to be a fool not to like this idea. Pitt has often struggled with attendance at Heinz Field, and the complaints of that on-campus game day atmosphere has long been a hot topic of debate. Pitt would surely build a stadium closer to 50,000 to help deal with attendance, and of course parking lots would be a must.

Oakland is a unique place for a college campus and it is understandable why a stadium is not an easy thing to just build on the fly. And on April 1, 2013, we're happy to report that some progress is finally being made by the administration. The move to the ACC and a new stadium should help breathe some much needed life to the program as a whole.

Check your calendar. That is all.