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Tino Sunseri granted a sixth year of eligibility

Shocking news as the Panther quarterback will be under center as Pitt enters the ACC.

Justin K. Aller

In what can only be described as earth-shattering news, at least for Pitt fans, the Athletic Department has released a statement confirming news that has essentially come out of nowhere: Tino Sunseri has been granted a sixth year of eligibility.

Head coach Paul Chryst stated:

"We’re really glad to have Tino back for another season. It’s pretty neat actually. We were expecting a battle for the quarterback position this season, but with this news it will give Chad another season to sit back and learn from a seasoned veteran and master of his position. It’s a unique situation, something I’ve never seen before, but we’re going to go with it. It’s going to be really neat."

After a day of big news surrounding Pitt athletics, the NCAA’s decision here is surprising, especially given the fact that the signal-caller’s petition was never publicized. There are rumors circulating that Sunseri had a severe case of food poisoning his redshirt freshman year that kept him from participating for much of the season. The source of the food poisoning is rumored to be one of Oakland's fine eating establishments. Our sources could not confirm the exact location.

We’ll have more on this later as we hear more from the staff. As always, enjoy your first day of April.

Check your calendar. That is all.