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Pitt basketball recruiting: Jon Severe meets with Jamie Dixon, will announce decision on Wednesday


2013 basketball recruit Jon Severe has been a hot topic of Pitt's recruiting hopes for next season. He initially said he was announcing his school in May, but decided to move that up. Severe's decision is expected to come on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.

Severe's final four schools consist of Pitt, West Virginia, Wake Forest, and Fordham. Though, word is that he was meeting with Rutgers' new coach, Eddie Jordan Tuesday night - though, he reportedly sounded conflicted on if he would add them to his list of schools to consider. Meanwhile, Pitt head coach Jamie Dixon was at his school on Monday to meet with Severe.

I'm no expert on such matters, but the chances of him coming to Pitt actually don't appear all that high to me. To my knowledge, he never even visited Pitt and Fordham has been the name I've heard more often than not. But ... you never know.

If Rutgers swooped in and grabbed Severe, I'd think it'd be a bit of a surprise. Severe may have considered them before, but as he says in that ZagsBlog link, he doesn't know Jordan at all. He'd really need to have made some kind of impression on Severe last night if Rutgers were to go from not even being on his list to winning the sweepstakes. But also in that story, the New York Post had him leaning towards Rutgers or Fordham ... so there's that.

Severe averaged nearly 22 points per game this season. If he signed with the Panthers, he'd surely provide a bit of a boost to Pitt's class for the fall and could be the scoring guard the team needs for the future. And with the losses of Tray Woodall and Trey Zeigler, the more warm bodies at shooting guard, the better. He's not being hailed as a big time recruit, but is solid and his stock has seemed to increase during the year.

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