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The Countdown: 50 days until the ACC

In just over a month and a half, Pitt will be a member of the ACC.

Duke and UNC have combined to win 36 ACC Tournaments
Duke and UNC have combined to win 36 ACC Tournaments

Since September 19th, 2011, we have been counting the days down slowly until Pitt fans finally joins the ACC. There have been ups and downs since then (okay, a few more downs) but, we're finally just 50 days away from switching conferences. So, consider this your official preview of the ACC.

So, from today on, we'll roll out one new fact regarding Pitt and/or the ACC, so we, as conference newbies, know a bit more about our new conference before July 1st.

50 days until the ACC: The state of North Carolina owns ACC basketball

Now I know what you're thinking.

"Duh, we already knew that"

And I get that. It's pretty well known that the state of North Carolina rules over basketball (and the conference, but that's another story). But I don't think people really understand how often the four Carolina schools (North Carolina, Duke, NC State, and Wake) have dominated the ACC.

The ACC has used a tournament to crown a champion since 1954, so there have been 60 ACC Tournaments. The state of North Carolina has won 50 of them. Even Wake Forest, who doesn't have the recent basketball success that a school like Maryland has had, has won more ACC titles than the Terps (four for Wake, three for Maryland). It took until 1990 just for the championship game to not feature at least one school from North Carolina.

The past few years have changed that to a degree. Both Florida schools have won the past two ACC Tournaments with one common component - veteran players. Florida State in 2012 and Miami this past March have had senior-heavy lineups that allowed them to overcome having to play Duke and/or North Carolina in essentially a road game in Greensboro.

Pitt probably won't contend for the title in 2014 - if they do, then we are grossly underestimating what this team is capable of. But if you're placing bets, best to choose a Carolina school.

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