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Deaysean Rippy transferring from Pitt

Christian Petersen

Earlier today, we found out about the Davis twins transferring out of the football program. A bit later, word broke that Pitt was also losing linebacker Deaysean Rippy. Well, that sucks.

Rippy said that he was never completely sure about Pitt:

Rippy said he wasn't totally sure about Pitt when he signed his letter of intent in February 2012.

“I was on the verge of being sure,” he said. “I was kind of overwhelmed. I was an 18-year-old kid at the time. That's a lot of pressure.”

A little over a month ago, news leaked that Rippy was considering a transfer. For a while, we were left wondering if he was still thinking about it. But nothing was definitive until today.

Ignore, for a minute, all the talk that Rippy wasn't bound to crack the team's two deep rotation this year. That may be true, but he still had a world of potential. He was a four-star recruit and had racked up some significant offers by the time he came to Pitt. Tell me anything you want about what type of player you think he is now, but I'm not exactly thrilled to be losing a local four-star kid that so many other schools were after.

The Davis' loss can be minimalized a bit, but I think the Rippy transfer is different.

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