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The Countdown: 48 days until the ACC

Pitt historically has had some success against the ACC - at least outside of Miami.

Mike Shanahan's touchdown capped off a big Pitt win over Virginia Tech last season
Mike Shanahan's touchdown capped off a big Pitt win over Virginia Tech last season
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

48 days until the ACC: Pitt's success against ACC schools not named Miami

Enough about basketball, let's talk about the real money sport.

Pitt football has played against the ACC more than any other conference other than the Big Ten, recording a 63-67-2 record all time, or about a 48% winning percentage and outside of Clemson and Wake Forest, Pitt has played every ACC school at least five times. So there's at least some prior history with each school when the Panthers suit up against them next season.

Of the schools Pitt has faced multiple times, the Panthers have fared the best against Georgia Tech (5-2) and had the least success against, not surprisingly, Miami (9-22-1). While the Panthers will likely not face Maryland as ACC members, barring some crazy run by both programs to the ACC Championship Game, there's the possibility for Pitt to build on the small series of games against our new conference foes and create some kind of rivalry. Will it be Backyard Brawl level? No, but Pitt-UConn wasn't anything prior to 2002 and it eventually became one of the games to watch in the Big East each season.

Here is Pitt's all-time records against each ACC school:

Boston College: 16-13 - last meeting: 2004 (20-17 Pitt)

Clemson: 1-0 - last meeting: 1977 (34-3 Pitt)

Duke: 9-8 - last meeting: 1976 (44-31 Pitt)

Florida State: 5-3 - last meeting: 1983 (17-16 Pitt)

Georgia Tech: 5-2 - last meeting: 1976 (42-14 Pitt)

Maryland: 2-3 - last meeting: 1992 (47-34 Maryland)

Miami: 9-22-1 - last meeting: 2010 (31-3 Miami)

North Carolina: 3-4 - last meeting: 2009 (19-17 Pitt)

NC State: 5-3-1 - last meeting: 2009 (38-31 NC State)

Virginia: 3-2 - last meeting: 2007 (44-14 Virginia)

Virginia Tech: 5-7 - last meeting: 2012 (35-17 Pitt)

Wake Forest: 0-0

This obviously does not include Syracuse, who Pitt is 34-31-3 all-time against. But we already are aware of our history with the Orange. But outside of the Hurricanes, Pitt has actually had a decent amount of success against the rest of the ACC. Hopefully that continues over the coming years. As far as rivalries go, I imagine the Hokies would like some revenge after the beating Pitt gave them last season. Maybe they'll even be ranked in the top 10 so the Panthers can continue their winning streak against highly ranked Virginia Tech teams.

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