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Is Pitt out of the running for Khadeen Carrington?


Pitt has been in pursuit of 2014 shooting guard Khadeen Carrington. But ZagsBlog says he is focused on four schools right now according to his coach ... and the Panthers aren't one of them:

Williams and Loughlin teammate Khadeen Carrington played this past weekend at the Nike EYBL stop in Dallas, where the Lightning went 2-2.

The 6-3 Carrington is still focusing on SMU, UConn, St. John’s and Cincinnati, McNeil said.

A couple of those schools, UConn and Cincinnati, weren't a big surprise to me considering that they were believed to be chasing him the hardest back in December. And in addition to Jamie Dixon, who had attended one of his games last year, SMU and St. John's also had representatives in the stands to watch him play as well.

Pitt perhaps not being considered a favorite isn't a huge surprise. I really haven't seen Carrington's name in conjunction with Pitt all that much and with the way he'd been playing this year, it seemed like he was going to have a long list of potential suitors.

Still, it'd be nice if Pitt were still in the running for him. It doesn't mean that they're not - only that they're not among the leaders right now. The Panthers have transfer DeAndre Kane to help man the position next season, but that's really a band-aid solution. Pitt needs to recruit a bring in a talented shooting guard to help cover things for a few years.

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