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Top recruit Andrew Wiggins picks Kansas

The top recruit in the country will not be playing in the ACC this season.


A top recruit choosing Kansas is nothing new, and it is usually has nothing to do with Pitt. That is not the case this time, though. Andrew Wiggins is widely regarded as the top , and his recruitment means something for all of college basketball. Wiggins selected the Jayhawks over two of Pitt's new conference mates, North Carolina and Florida State.

Wiggins is the type of player that changes the complexity of college basketball, but also that of the ACC. North Carolina could have gone from being very good to outstanding. Florida State would have gone from a potential bubble team to the top tier of the ACC. It's hard to say how one player will change a league's landscape, but Wiggins appears to have that kind of ability.

Obviously, it means good news for Pitt. The ACC still is loaded with the likes of Duke, North Carolina, and Syracuse. There are plenty of other talented players in the conference, including perhaps even a freshman just as good as Wiggins in Jabari Parker. Pitt can only control what they have, but it's nice knowing potentially the best player in the country will not be on the schedule.

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