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The Countdown: 40 Days until the ACC

Pitt will leave one conference with a deep basketball tradition and enter into the ACC, creating the premier basketball conference.


40 Final Four appearances since the ACC was formed in 1953. That's how many times an ACC school has represented the conference on the national stage. Not only can you bank on an ACC team making the Final Four nearly every March, you can expect them to win the whole thing. North Carolina owns the most mens NCAA basketball titles with five. Duke owns four, NC State holds two, and Maryland (who's title will soon be owned by the Big Ten) won their first title in 2002.

When Pitt, Syracuse, and Louisville join the ACC, they'll add four more titles and quite a few more Final Fours. Obviously, Pitt is certainly lagging in this department. Nonetheless, the Panthers have been a solid team in the last decade and will hopefully continue that trend into the ACC. A few years ago the Panthers were moments away from a Final Four and a date with the Tar Heels. Thanks, Scottie Reynolds.

But that's in the past. The ACC is the future.

40 days away.

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