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The Countdown: 37 days until the ACC

Today we're at 37 days on our countdown to Pitt's official move to the ACC.

Soccer may not be a big deal to most Pitt fans, but it's a huge deal to the ACC. The conference has won 37 men's and women's NCAA Championships in those sports.

Okay, so North Carolina's won 24 of those (including 22 women's titles counting the 1981 AIAW championship), but there are plenty of other strong programs in the conference.

Virginia's won six men's titles, including their last one in 2009. Maryland has won three. Clemson's won a pair, and Duke and Wake Forest each have one to their name. The North Carolina State, Duke, and Florida State women's programs have all been runner-ups as well.

Pitt will have a long way to catch some of their ACC brethren. The men's program hasn't had a winning record since 2000 or an All-American since the 1960s. The women's team has had a little more success with a winning year in 2009, but that's been the only one ... in the history of the program. Granted, the program has only been in D-I since 1996, but they've still struggled.

The bright spot? Pitt's soccer teams finally have some nice facilities with Urbanic Field at the Petersen Sports Complex. That, along with playing in a high-profile conference, should help land better players. But both programs have a long way to go to compete in the ACC.

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