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Pitt football recruiting target Shai McKenzie could soon cut list to seven


Back in March, Pitt running back recruiting target, Shai McKenzie, cut his list of potential schools from 31 to 15. ESPN now says that he could be trimming that list soon (Insider article). Specifically, he could cut it in half again to declare his final seven schools.

The ESPN link is a paid one, so I won't go too much into it. But as expected, the site says that Pitt is in pretty good shape to make his latest cut.

As a local running back, Pitt has a great chance to land him, so that won't come as a surprise. In fact, if the Panthers weren't one of the finalists, it would be a big surprise. McKenzie has shown his interest in Pitt and with Rushel Shell now gone, one has to wonder if that will help their chances.

If he came to Pitt, McKenzie could have a shot at coming in and playing significant right away. If Isaac Bennett has a big junior year this season, he may not be able to unseat him as the starter heading into the year. But McKenzie could be in a similar situation that Rushel Shell was in this year with Ray Graham where he'd get a lot of carries.