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Pitt in the Lindy's college football preview

What does Lindy's think of the Pitt Panthers in their annual college football preview?

Justin K. Aller

If you're like me, you would purchase two or three college football previews and memorize them like the Bible over the course of the next three months. In all likelihood, not everyone likes to do that. With that said, here is a brief rundown of what the Lindy's annual college football magazine said about the Panthers.

Tom Savage is among ten players they list as "Comeback Players" for the 2013 season. Obviously his comeback is not injury related, but it has been a while since Savage has played college football. His play, whether good or bad will impact the season for the Panthers.

The most celebrated Panther in the magazine is without surprise, Aaron Donald. He is named to the second team preseason All American team, as well as being honored as the fourth best defensive tackle in the country. Donald is on first team all ACC. He is joined on the first team by safety, Jason Hendricks. Devin Street is the only other Panther with All ACC honors, as he is listed on the third team.

As a team, Pitt is not given much respect. They are ranked 58th in the country, fifth in the ACC Coastal Dixision, and eighth in the ACC overall. Pitt has many questions with a new quarterback, some depth issues, and a shaky offensive line. The defense appears to be one of the better ones in the ACC, but is that enough for Pitt to exceed the expectations? We'll have to wait and see.