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The Countdown: 31 Days until the ACC


Since the magic number is 31 days until Pitt joins the ACC, today we take a look at Dean Smith's first NCAA basketball title at North Carolina in 1982 - 31 years ago.

Want to know a secret? I was a diehard Tar Heels fan back in the day. There was a point in time when I could tell you nearly everything about the 1993 championship team when I really started following college hoops. Donald Williams was an incredible shooter, and yeah, Eric Montross was better than you think.

But before 1993, there was 1982. And for Dean Smith, it was the pinnacle of an outstanding career. He was regarded as one of the best coaches in the game, but it took him 21 years to win a title.

When you think of that 1982 team, your first thought is likely Michael Jordan's famous jump shot near the end of the championship game against the Georgetown Hoyas. But on that team, Jordan wasn't considered the best player. Or even second best. James Worthy and Sam Perkins were All-Americans while Jordan wasn't even All-Conference.

All three went on to successful NBA careers and Jordan eventually became the team's leader before dominating at the next level.

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