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Former Pitt guard Trey Zeigler will transfer to TCU

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it yesterday, former Pitt guard Trey Zeigler decided to transfer to TCU.

The move is surely a bit of an afterthought for most fans. Zeigler was up and down (mostly down) in his only season at Pitt and could never get much going. Part of that was due to inconsistent minutes, but the other part is that he just looked so incredibly uncomfortable out on the floor at times.

Zeigler came from a Central Michigan offense where his role was clear - be the team's dominant scorer. But at Pitt, he wasn't even a starter and had to fit into more of a team-oriented offense.

This isn't likely the popular decision, but I'd have preferred to see him back. I think he would have been better in his second season and while he wasn't a star last year, he did have some strong games off the bench. And when you factor in the instability for next year, having another returning player back wouldn't have been a bad thing.

The worst case scenario would have been that he came back, didn't produce, and was buried on the bench. But any player that Pitt gets with his now open scholarship may not be able to play right away, anyway.

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