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The Countdown: 21 days until the ACC

21 days until the ACC: Florida State's baseball prowess

Florida State has a strong baseball tradition. They annually find themselves in the top 25 and near the top of the ACC. Yesterday, the Seminoles dropped a super regional to Indiana denying them their 22nd trip to Omaha. That gives Florida State 21 appearances in the College World Series.

Florida State is led by legendary coach, Mike Martin. He has guided Florida State to 33 straight NCAA tournament appearance, and 15 trips to Omaha during that stretch. Florida State has produced plenty of Major League talent, including reigning NL MVP, Buster Posey.

It is no secret the ACC is a major step up in baseball for Pitt. The ACC placed eight teams in the NCAA tournament this season. Nearly every one of those teams play in a nicer baseball facility, and sits in more fertile recruiting grounds. It is going to take a lot for the Panthers to make up ground in this league, considering their best season ever did not even get them a tournament bid.