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Tray Woodall gets workout opportunity with Washington Wizards

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Pitt point guard got his second workout for an NBA team with the draft approaching - this time it was the Brooklyn Nets giving him a look. Woodall previously worked out for the Washington Wizards.

For what it's worth, Woodall says he heard positive things from the Wizards following his workout with the team:

"I got great feedback," Woodall said. "They told me I shot the ball really well, they just want to see me be a little more shifty. I definitely know how to run a team, different offenses. I think I was able to fit in with what they’re trying to do and they liked that."

I don't doubt that he got positive reviews and there are times when his shot is falling that make you think he could have a future in pro ball. Still, the odds are stacked against him and even he would likely admit that. He's lacking a little in size and in athleticism, so I'm not sure his chances of playing in the league are real high ... and his chance of being drafted is virtually non-existent. But I could see him getting a shot in a summer league and if a team is thin at point guard and he impresses wildly, who knows?

ZagsBlog notes in that article that Woodall isn't currently scheduled for any more workouts before the NBA Draft.

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