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The Countdown: 17 Days until the ACC

Mike Ehrmann

So yeah, I'm quite aware that the last time I was up on the countdown that I did a field hockey bit, covering Maryland's program back on Day 26. Today, we're back with the sport that those of us without a program know about.

Laugh if you must, but the ACC's field hockey teams have been nothing short of dominant. The conference has won 17 of the NCAA's 32 Division I field hockey championships - no other league is even close.

Leading the way as I said before is Maryland with eight titles. But North Carolina's also won six and Wake Forest has three. Even more impressive is that those three schools won ten consecutive championships from 2002 - 2011.

Pitt doesn't have a field hockey program and only six schools in the league do - Maryland, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke, Boston College, and Virginia. Syracuse will become the seventh this year.

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